Life Continued: Defeating Depression tells the real stories of people who are winning their struggle with issues like depression, eating disordersself-injury, and anti-LGBTQ discrimination. In the special, college students Sarah and Devin share how friends, family, treatment and expression all helped them move past dark chapters in their lives.

If you were inspired by the special, we hope you’ll reach out to a friend that’s having a hard time or speak up if you’re struggling. You can also join MTV and the Love is Louder movement in helping celebrate all the people and things that empower us and make #lifecontinued. Check out the details below.

Learn more about finding help.

Learn ways to help a friend.

Here’s how to join the “#lifecontinued because @loveislouder” campaign:

You can join us by tweeting out a #lifecontinued message to remind everyone that there are things we can do to get past dark chapters in our lives. Whether we’re dealing with depression, an eating disorder, a break-up, loneliness or discrimination, we can support each and take action to feel better.

Here are some sample tweets or posts:

  • My #lifecontinued because @LoveisLouder than ____ (the pain, loneliness, etc.)
  • _________ (writing, dancing, a friend) help me continue and remind me that @loveislouder. #lifecontinued
  • I will help my friends continue by ________ because @LoveisLouder. #lifecontinued

We are also going to compile a “#lifecontinued because Love is Louder” video featuring your photos and videos. To submit your photo to be part of our video, tag it with #lifecontinued on Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter. Photos ideas include:

  • A photo of you, or you and your friends, with Love is Louder written on your hand(s).
  • A photo of something that empowers you or helps you continue, like a place you love to go, art you’ve created, or a person (or pet) that gives you comfort and support.

You can email links to your video clips to In your video, give us a sentence about an emotional struggle you made it through and then give some advice for others who are struggling. Some examples:

There was a time when I couldn’t even look myself in the mirror but my #lifecontinued because I reached out for help and realized that love is louder than that voice in my head saying I’m too fat or not good enough.


For a long time I pretended like everything was OK but I was sad at all the time…but my #lifecontinued because I learned that love is louder than the fear of asking for help. It’s when I asked for help that I started to feel better and I got to stop hiding.

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