If the pill is legal and gets the job done, then that’s fine, right? That perspective is looking at only one side of the story.  And every pill has two sides.

A lot of things we believe pills can do for us are actually myths or one-sided stories.  Adderall helps you keep up with your studies and get better grades?  Not really.  In fact, research shows that students who take stimulants like Adderall do worse academically than those that don’t.

Some people think legal pain relievers are no worse for them than going out drinking.  In reality, more students die from prescription drugs than heroin and cocaine combined.  And many of those who end up in the hospital (or worse) were taking the pills for the first time.

Others try to use pills like Adderall to lose weight. However, many people get the negative side effects of the pills without any weight loss. Those who do lose a little weight almost always gain all of it (and maybe more) back.

If reading this makes you think “yeah, but this doesn’t apply to me or my friend because we just take pills occasionally” — then you’re lucky.  Finding better ways now to balance obligations, deal with stress or manage feelings, will ensure that the other side doesn’t mess up your grades, social life or health.

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